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Liquid-8 – The one

Another track completed at S-Scape Studios is “Liquid 8 – The One”

After a saucy night in Athens, Liquid (ex XL Recordings artist and producer of rave classic Sweet Harmony) and Mark Archer (aka once member of the truly legendary Altern 8 ) decided to engage in a short-term musical project. Hence this July sees the first release from Liquid 8, featuring Davina Myers, entitled “The One”

A new batch of soundclips from May 2010

Hi everyone. Here are a new batch of clips to listen to from May 2010

Sanxion – Fly Away

Anis – Hey

Faction G – The Bouncer (Sanxion remix)

Chris Starkiller Vs TFTSS – Walking on air (Dub Heroes remix)

Flashback – Hold Up

Flashback – Invasion

Mark Linson – Untitled

Sanxion – Valenzetti Equation

Shnak – What have you done

Sanxion – Spy Hunter

Sanxion – Switchblade Supermodel

Vital Bass – Crash and Burn

Little Miss Detonate – Who’s Fucked Now Then (Sanxion remix)

Big update with loads of new soundclips

Get ready for a massive update, with loads of new soundclips for you to listen to.

Here we go :

Downright Flawless – You’re the one

Skinny – Do it

CMS – This is Goodbye

Anis – Micrograms (Freeform version)

Vital Bass feat. Marie Louise – Don’t Give a Damn

Vital Bass feat. Mel – If Love is the Answer

Jessy & Manuel MS – Please forgive me (Sound Selektaz remix)

Sound Selektaz – Hero

Sound Selektaz – Touch Me

Sound Selektaz – Until the end

Sound Selektaz – Hands in the air 2010

Chris Starkiller Vs TFTSS feat. Taya – Walking on air (Sanxion mix)

Sanxion – Switchblade Supermodel

Dub Heroes – Shake that body

Dub Heroes – Blaze the fire

Dub Heroes – Can’t let you go

Sho Sho & TFTSS – Getting you easy (Markus Lunt remix)

Kid Alaska – Money Maker (Coupe & Atcherley remix)

Chris Starkiller Vs TFTSS feat. Taya – Walking on air (Markus Lunt remix)

Markus Lunt – Airport 89

Anis – Micrograms (Progressive mix)

Mark Ardent – Aint No Man (Markus Lunt remix)

Markus Lunt – Gammer Pattern

Shnak – Ripgroove

TFTSS & Malito – Soulsearchin (Sparky remix)

Chris Starkiller Vs TFTSS feat Taya – Walking on air (Kinematik remix)

Mark Ardent – Aint no man

TFTSS & Malito – Soulsearchin (Original mix)

Sound Selektaz – Until the end (Ballad version)

Phew…that was a big one